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Health Writing

Arthritis Today magazine

“Your Life, Your Choice.” Arthritis Today (Download pdf).

“Chef’s Choice.” Arthritis Today (Download pdf).

“The Heart of the Science.” Arthritis Today (Download pdf).

Atlanta magazine

“Good night, Atlanta: How to get a good night’s rest.” Atlanta (read online).

“Ask a Sleep Doctor: Advice for battling insomnia.” Atlanta (read online).

“Stalking a Cure: Emory ethnobotanist Cassandra Quave…” Atlanta (read online).

“Atlanta’s Top Docs share their stories of unexpected, inspiring, and memorable cases.” Atlanta (read online).

“Free at-home Covid tests are here. How should you use them?” Atlanta (read online).

“The delta variant changed everything for schoolchildren.” Atlanta (read online).

“Where will the Covid-19 delta variant strike in Georgia? We need genomic surveillance to know.” Atlanta (read online).

“Trying to get a Covid-19 vaccine in Georgia? Follow these tips.” Atlanta (read online).

“For many Atlantans, the hunt is on for a Covid vaccine appointment.” Atlanta (read online).

“How easily can COVID-19 spread in a classroom?” Atlanta (read online).

“Want a faster track to a Covid-19 vaccine? Another trial is about to begin in Atlanta.” Atlanta (read online).

“COVID-19 Strikes Deep in Georgia’s Latinx Communities.” Atlanta (read online).

“COVID-19 Doesn’t Discriminate, But Society Does.” Atlanta (read online).

“Emory University Helps Test the Nation’s First Potential COVID-19 Vaccine and Possible Treatments.” Atlanta (read online).

“Doctor Detective.” Atlanta magazine (read online).

“Lessons from Jimmy: President Carter’s treatment shows how far we’ve come in the war on cancer” Atlanta magazine. (Download pdf)

“Still Alzheimer’s: A roundtable discussion on the disease.” Atlanta magazine. (read online)

“A Ministry of Health: One man’s quest to heal a community sparks new efforts to close Atlanta’s health gaps.” Atlanta magazine. (Download pdf)

Georgia Trend

“Healing Georgia’s Hearts.” Georgia Trend (read online).

“Marijuana as Medicine?” Georgia Trend (read online).

“Coping With COVID.” Georgia Trend (read online).

Good Housekeeping

“Miracle Baby: Diagnosed with a frightening form of childhood cancer, little Brandon Connor endured two years of endless tests. Then one day everything changed.” Good Housekeeping. (Download pdf)


“Empowering Jewish Teens to Support Each Other.” Hadassah (read online).

Health Affairs

“Financial Coaching Offers New Paths to a Healthy Future.” Health Affairs (read online).

“Patients Lift Their Voices to Advance Maternal Health.” Health Affairs (read online).

“Raising the Stakes to Advance Equity in Maternal Health.” Health Affairs (read online).

“Getting to the Heart of America’s Maternal Mortality Crisis.” Health Affairs (read online).

“Pressured by Students, Medical Schools Grapple With Climate Change.” Health Affairs. (read online).

“Age-Friendly Care at the Emergency Department.” Health Affairs (read online).

“Beyond twelve steps, peer-supported mental health care.” Health Affairs (read online).

Kaiser Health News

“Community Health Workers, Often Overlooked, Bring Trust to the Pandemic Fight.” Kaiser Health News (read online).


“Thanks to COVID-19, Drug Shortages Take Center Stage.” Medscape (read online).

“Docs Share 9/11 Stories: Why We Can’t Forget.” Medscape (read online).

“FDA to Add Myocarditis Warning to mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines.” Medscape (read online).

“Milk Is Overtaking Nuts as Top Allergy Threat.” WebMD (read online).

“Everyday chemicals are linked to declines in human fertility.” MDEdge Endocrinology (read online).

“How to talk to patients reluctant to get a COVID-19 vaccine.” Internal Medicine News (read online).

“Some COVID Vaccine Reactions Could Be Pseudoallergy, Experts Say.” Medscape (read online).

“Teens Get in the Queue for COVID vaccines.” Medscape (read online).

“Need for Speed in Vaccines Heaps Pressure on Health Teams.” Medscape (read online).

“Call to Arms: Vaccinating the Health Workforce of 21 Million Strong.” Medscape (read online).

“Take These Steps Now to Counter COVID Surge: Former Health Officials,” Medscape (read online).

“Can Doctors and Nurses Be Taught to Get Along?” Medscape (read online).

“An Ongoing Cover-Up: Docs With Tattoos and Body Piercings.” Medscape (read online).

“Is Free Tuition Actually Working?” Medscape (read online).

MindSite News

“Shootings, Lockdowns, Anxiety: The Kids Are Not Alright – But They’re Working On It.” MindSite News (read online).

“A Short-term Home Where People in Crisis Can Avoid the Hospital.” MindSite News (read online).

Nature Medicine

“After flu vaccine mismatch, calls for delayed selection intensify.” Nature Medicine. (Download pdf)

Next Avenue

“Why COVID-19 Could Pose New Medication Risks.” Next Avenue (read online).

Parents magazine

“Entering the Zit Zone: You can’t erase your child’s blemishes, but you can help he learn to deal with them.” Parents magazine. (Download pdf)

PINK magazine

“Out of darkness: Successful women believe they can handle anything. But to battle depression, they need to seek help.” PINK magazine. (Download pdf)


“Under Your Skin.” Proto. (read online).

“Blue Light Special: Drug-resistant bugs have spurred research into a promising—and surprisingly simple—treatment.” Proto Magazine (online). (read online)

“Infographic: A new epidemic model.” Proto magazine. (Download pdf)


“Fire in the Genes.” Tablet magazine (read online).


“A family with an astonishing rate of Alzheimer’s disease may harbor a powerful new gene.” Stat (read online)

USA Today

“Shootings, lockdowns, anxiety: Here’s what kids say about mental health, helping each other.” USA Today (read online).


“Milk Is Overtaking Nuts as Top Allergy Threat.” WebMD (read online).

“Vagisil Offered Teens a Vaginal ‘Glow Up.’ Docs Cry Foul.” WebMD (read online).

WebMD magazine

“Checkup: When to Call 911.” WebMD magazine (Download pdf).

“Late Shift.” (Teen sleep) WebMD magazine (Download pdf)

“Back to School.” WebMD magazine (Download pdf)

“Safe Slumbers.” WebMD magazine (Download pdf)

“Best Baby Toys.” WebMD magazine (Download pdf)

“Hush Hour: Can’t Get Baby to Bed? Create a sleep routine that works for everyone with these do’s and don’ts.” WebMD magazine. (Download pdf)

“Pressure Point: Although still rare, strokes are on the rise during and after pregnancy. Here’s what you need to know.” WebMD magazine. (Download pdf)

WebMD Diabetes magazine

“Diabetes Complications: Know the Symptoms.” WebMD magazine. (read online)

“Type 1 Smarts: Survival Guide: How to Savor the Holiday Season” WebMD Diabetes magazine. (Download pdf)

“Type 1 Smarts: Do Over: Rethink Your ‘Don’t’ List.” WebMD Diabetes magazine. (Download pdf)

“Type 1 Smarts: Flight Plan: Air travel can affect your blood sugar. Fly safely with these tips.” WebMD Diabetes magazine. (Download pdf)

“Social Study: Don’t pass up parties or going out. Hit the town with this going-out guide.” WebMD Diabetes magazine. (Download pdf)


“Pregnancy Has Risks. Without Roe, More People Will Face Them.” WIRED (read online).

“Alcohol is the Breast Cancer Risk No One Wants to Talk About.” WIRED (read online).

“Could Fruit Flies Help Match Patients With Cancer Treatments?” WIRED (read online).

“How a Vibrating Smartwatch Could Be Used to Stop Nightmares.” WIRED (read online).

“The End Is Nearer for ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Food Wrappers. WIRED (read online).

“The Dangers of Excluding Women From HIV Prevention Drug Tests.” WIRED (read online).

“Three Ways Scientists Think We Could De-Germ a Covid-19 World.” WIRED (read online).

“Here’s What Disinfectants and UV Light Really Do to Your Body.” WIRED (read online).

“The FDA Asks Companies to Stop Selling Ranitidine.” WIRED (read online).

“Doctors Are Pooling Data to Help Understand Covid-19.” WIRED (read online).

“Ultra-fast Genome Sequencing Could Save the Lives of Newborns.” WIRED (read online).

“Wuhan Coronavirus ‘Super-Spreaders’ Could Be Wildcards.” WIRED (read online).

“The Coronavirus is a Threat to the Global Drug Supply.” WIRED (read online).

“Scientists Fight Back Against ‘Forever’ Chemicals.” WIRED (read online).

“The FDA Announces Two More Antacid Recalls Due to Cancer Risk.” WIRED (read online).

“New Tests Use Epigenetics to Guess How Fast You’re Aging.” WIRED (read online).

“Traveling for the Holidays? Here’s How to Not Get Sick.” WIRED (read online).

“Hey, Surgeon, Is That a HoloLens on Your Head?” WIRED (read online).

“The Enduring Power of Asperger’s, Even as a Non-Diagnosis.” WIRED (read online).

“‘Forever Chemicals’ Are in Your Popcorn—and Your Blood.” WIRED (read online).

“The First Hurricane Relief Drone Was Ready to Fly—Then Dorian Hit.” WIRED (read online).

“Three Ways to Fix the Drug Industry’s Rampant Dysfunction.” WIRED (read online).

“Why a Promising Potent Cancer Therapy Isn’t Used in the US.” WIRED (read online).

“Why Dogs Now Play a Big Role in Human Cancer Research.” WIRED (read online).

“How Extreme Heat Overwhelms Your Body and Becomes Deadly.” WIRED (read online).

“The Health Effects of Smoke May Last a Lifetime.” WIRED (read online).

“Why tracking your symptoms can make you feel worse.” WIRED (read online).

“The unseen victims of the opioid crisis are starting to rebel.” WIRED (read online)

“Meet the pro-vaxxers helping to stave off the next pandemic.” WIRED (read online).

“Women’s pain is different from men’s–the drugs could be too.” WIRED (read online).

“98.6 Degrees is a Normal Body Temperature, Right? Not Quite.” WIRED (read online)