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“Reset Your Body Clock for Better Brain Health.” (read online)

Arthritis Today magazine

“Chef’s Choice.” Arthritis Today (Download pdf).

“The Heart of the Science.” Arthritis Today (Download pdf).

Atlanta magazine

“Doctor Detective.” Atlanta magazine (read online).

“Trace of Hope.” Atlanta magazine. (read online)

“Less Is More.” Atlanta magazine. (read online)

“Simian City.” Atlanta magazine (read online)

“Groundbreaker: TechSAge.” Atlanta magazine (read online)

“Groundbreaker: Madeline Hackney.” Atlanta magazine (read online)

“Groundbreaker: Clarkston Community Center Senior Refugee Program.” Atlanta magazine. (read online)

“Lessons from Jimmy: President Carter’s treatment shows how far we’ve come in the war on cancer” Atlanta magazine. (Download pdf)

“Jeremy Dahl, AKA Machete Man: Groundbreaker Award for defending Atlanta’s urban forest,” Atlanta magazine. (read online)

“Still Alzheimer’s: A roundtable discussion on the disease.” Atlanta magazine. (read online)

“A Ministry of Health: One man’s quest to heal a community sparks new efforts to close Atlanta’s health gaps.” Atlanta magazine. (Download pdf)

“For Starters: Like everything else in Atlanta, the entrepreneurial culture is defined by sprawl.” Atlanta magazine. (Download pdf)

Crain’s NewsPro

“Covering Extreme Disasters.” Crain’s NewsPro (Download pdf)

“Uphill Battle: Reporters Make Headway in Push to Cover Public Policy.” Crain’s NewsPro (Download pdf).

“Health Care in the Headlines: AHCJ Journalists Urged to Shape the National Conversation on Health.” Crain’s NewsPro. (Download pdf)

Nature Medicine

“After flu vaccine mismatch, calls for delayed selection intensify.” Nature Medicine. (Download pdf)


“Blue Light Special: Drug-resistant bugs have spurred research into a promising—and surprisingly simple—treatment” Proto Magazine (online). (read online)


“A family with an astonishing rate of Alzheimer’s disease may harbor a powerful new gene.” Stat (read online)

University of Dayton magazine

“Dan Curran’s World.” University of Dayton Magazine. (read online)

WebMD magazine

“Checkup: When to Call 911.” WebMD magazine (Download pdf).

“Late Shift.” (Teen sleep) WebMD magazine (Download pdf)

“Back to School.” WebMD magazine (Download pdf)

“Safe Slumbers.” WebMD magazine (Download pdf)

“Best Baby Toys.” WebMD magazine (Download pdf)

“Hush Hour: Can’t Get Baby to Bed? Create a sleep routine that works for everyone with these do’s and don’ts.” WebMD magazine. (Download pdf)

“Pressure Point: Although still rare, strokes are on the rise during and after pregnancy. Here’s what you need to know.” WebMD magazine. (Download pdf)

WebMD Diabetes magazine

“Diabetes Complications: Know the Symptoms.” WebMD magazine. (read online)

“Type 1 Smarts: Survival Guide: How to Savor the Holiday Season” WebMD Diabetes magazine. (Download pdf)

“Type 1 Smarts: Do Over: Rethink Your ‘Don’t’ List.” WebMD Diabetes magazine. (Download pdf)

“Type 1 Smarts: Flight Plan: Air travel can affect your blood sugar. Fly safely with these tips.” WebMD Diabetes magazine. (Download pdf)

“Social Study: Don’t pass up parties or going out. Hit the town with this going-out guide.” WebMD Diabetes magazine. (Download pdf)


“98.6 Degrees is a Normal Body Temperature, Right? Not Quite.” WIRED (read online)